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86 - 90 Paul St
London, England, EC2A 4NE
United Kingdom

Welcome to the British Contemporary Designer Jewellery Brand - Esoteric Luxury. We design jewellery for the modern woman on a stylish voyage of self-discovery.     

About Us

A brief history about the Founders of the Esoteric Luxury jewellery brand.  Their backgrounds and creative inspirations when designing their stunning jewellery.

Esoteric Luxury’s Founders Satbir and Shikha Tamber both share a love for exquisite jewellery design and a deeper meaning in life.  This is clearly illustrated throughout their jewellery designs and within the recently launched Yucatan Collection - based on the Mayan civilisation. 

Born in India, Shikha was fascinated by the colourful and exotic nature of the country.  She travelled and explored the vast continent and soaked in the rich culture and diverse lifestyles which make India so special.  

During her childhood, Shikha honed her artistic skills and became interested in jewellery design.  Family connections within the jewellery industry definitely sparked this creative inspiration, as did early memories of shopping trips.

I fondly remember going jewellery shopping, with my mother. I fell in love with jewellery from that moment on. My father even designed bespoke jewellery for me and we had it made. I felt so special!
— Shikha

After studying for her Masters in Management and MBA, Shikha met Satbir who was establishing the Esoteric Luxury jewellery brand.  She has been designing for Esoteric Luxury ever since they have been together.

I feel I have come full circle, firmly back into jewellery design. It is a dream come true, my true calling in life.
— Shikha

Satbir’s background from the world of fashion has been the impetus behind creating Esoteric Luxury.  Previously, a boutique owner and director of a Menswear tailoring brand, he learnt about the industry from both perspectives. 

Jewellery design stemmed from his role in designing menswear, being a professional Hypnotherapist and having an interest in metaphysics.  All of which, played an important role in his unique design style and aesthetic.   

For me, jewellery design is a natural progression from designing men’s tailoring. A strong creative concept and vision, attention to detail and commitment to quality are all vital in both fashion and jewellery design. I always design with the end customer in mind; how they will feel wearing my designs. That is my guiding principle and design ethos
— Satbir

Esoteric Luxury has been identified as a 'brand to watch' by leading industry figures and we are becoming a must-have jewellery brand with sublime detailing and unique concepts behind each and every piece.