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Welcome to the British Contemporary Designer Jewellery Brand - Esoteric Luxury. We design jewellery for the modern woman on a stylish voyage of self-discovery.     


Chel Collection

The Chel Collection

The Mayans lived in a drought prone area, rain was the essential life source of the people. Goddess Ix Chel is the Deity of Water and one of her names is the Rainbow Goddess. A rainbow only occurs in the presence of rain and is considered a sign of Renewal and Life. The Rainbow is the physical manifestation of Goddess Ix Chel’s blessing.

Chel Necklace and Earrings in Gold Vermeil.

Chel Necklace and Earrings in Gold Vermeil.

The Chel Collection is designed in a primordial and raw style and inspired by the correlation between the Rainbow, the colours of the internal energy centers of the human body (Chakras) and the Golden Ratio.  We have fused these powerful concepts and created the Chel Necklace, which maps the ascendance of energy and consciousness through the body. The pinnacle point of the Chel Necklace and the Crown Chakra fits perfectly with Ix Chel in her role as the Gateway into DIvine Knowing and Intuition.

The Chel Earrings, Rings and Bracelets feature an Amethyst gemstone which corresponds to the Crown Chakra and thus developing spiritual connectedness. They are also available with Blue Topaz relating to the Heart Chakra (Universal and Unconditional Love) and Red Garnet relating to the Base Chakra (Grounding and Vitality).

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