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Welcome to the British Contemporary Designer Jewellery Brand - Esoteric Luxury. We design jewellery for the modern woman on a stylish voyage of self-discovery.     

Jewellery Care

How to keep you beautiful Esoteric Luxury jewellery in pristine condition.

Jewellery Care Guide

Each and every piece of our jewellery is an investment which, if looked after properly, should last a lifetime. 

Follow these guidelines for years of enjoyment of your favourite jewellery pieces from Esoteric Luxury.

  • Store your jewellery in the original Esoteric Luxury box you received with your purchase.  If possible, between wearings, place your jewellery back in its original box or an alternative air tight box.  Ensure you do not store your jewellery in direct sunlight or in extreme temperatures as this may cause damage to your jewellery, such as making gemstones change colour and become paler.


  • There are an array of chemicals and products that can cause damage to your jewellery.  These include: household chemicals, cosmetics, hair spray and perfume.  It is advisable to avoid wearing your jewellery when you are applying make-up, getting ready, exercising or bathing/showering.  Ensure your skin in completely dry and give yourself at least 5 minutes after you are ready, to wear your jewellery.  


  • When cleaning your jewellery it is recommended to use a professional cleaning kit.  Please read the manufacturers instructions when doing so.  However, avoid using chemical cleaners, they may cause damage and certain gemstones such as Turquoise and Pearl that cannot be cleaned chemically.


  • Remove your jewellery before engaging in any form of physical exercise. Be it at the gym, gardening or cleaning, as this will ensure our delicate jewellery is not accidentally damaged. Please be aware that perspiration can also contribute to the tarnishing of your jewellery.


  • If you have knocked your jewellery against a hard surface ensure clasps and settings  remain snug and firm.  If you notice some rattling or loosening of gemstones, please contact your local jeweller urgently.


  • Our advice is to wipe all jewellery after wearing, so it is dry.  Lightly buff with a Jewellery Polishing Cloth regularly and ensure each piece of jewellery is kept separate so not scratch another piece.

We hope you have found our Jewellery Care Guide useful and you continue to enjoy your jewellery in pristine condition.