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Welcome to the British Contemporary Designer Jewellery Brand - Esoteric Luxury. We design jewellery for the modern woman on a stylish voyage of self-discovery.     


Luna Estrella Collection

A symbol of Regeneration and Evolution, to the Mayan people. The Moon remains in perpetual motion, like life itself.

Luna Estrella Collection

Goddess Ix Chel, is the Mayan interpretation of the Triple Moon Goddess, an archetype found across the world since the dawn of Humanity. She is the complete Goddess in Her Maiden, Mother and Crone forms. The quintessential feminine energy; with the Moon as her sphere of influence on the Earth plane.

Our Luna Estrella Collection pays homage to Goddess Ix Chel, the Moon as a symbol of Regeneration and the Mayan people as master Astronomers and Mathematicians. It is inspired by the cyclical nature of the Moon and it’s relationship with fluid concept of Time.

Luna Estrella Collection in Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil.

Luna Estrella Collection in Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil.

The complete Lunar cycle is encompassed within the Lunar Estrella Necklace design.  The Waxing and Waning Crescents sparkling with zircon stones and the Black and White Pearls symbolising the Full and Dark Moons, respectively. 

The Moon, as Time itself, has a fluid nature, constantly changing and in perpetual motion.  We designed the Luna Estrella Necklace to embody this movement and keep you aware that life is motion itself, learn to embrace the ebbs and flows of our life journey. 

Our Luna Estrella Bracelet encapsulates the ether-like environment of the Night Sky, complete with constellations and symbolism of the Full and Dark Moon which are so important to the Mayan society. The Golden Star in the central point of the Luna Estrella Bracelet represents us, as individuals, on our life journey. 

Luna Estrella Full Moon & Morning Star Rings.

Luna Estrella Full Moon & Morning Star Rings.

Our Luna Estrella Earrings & Full Moon Rings celebrate the Phase of the Moon when it’s power is at full strength, by the White Pearls.  Many Mayan rituals were performed at this time to capture the potent Silver Lunar rays and become closer to the Goddess Ix Chel.  Fascinated by Night Skies, the Mayans charted and held in special significance the movements of the Planet Venus.  We have designed the Luna Estrella Morning Star Ring to symbolize the positive effects of the Planet.  The Black Pearl represents the darker aspects of the Planet being held in check by the positive Morning Star of Venus, which represents it’s positive attributes! 

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